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How many Countries in the World are there?

The answer depends on how you define the word "country." For example, the United Nations has 192 member states (countries) but not every nation, state, or country is a member of the United Nations. The Holy See or Vatican City is recognized as an independent country but it has chosen to not be a member of the UN. Another example is Taiwan, which functions as an independent country but is claimed by China as a province of China. Most countries in the United Nations, since 1978, have chosen to not officially recognize Taiwan as a country even if they interact with it as if it were one. There are also many places in the world that claim to be independent and even function with some level of independence but are not recognized by the broader international community as being truly sovereign (fully independent and determining its own affairs). So, the list of countries in the world may have 192 or 193 or even more nations listed. It depends on how broadly you wish to define the term.

What is our editorial process?

Our information comes from many sources - governments, teachers, native residents, researchers, and international organizations. We also solicit and receive cultural and other information from subscribers and in-country reviewers around the world. Editors strive to determine the accuracy of all materials we collect or receive before presenting content on the website. It is a dynamic process allowing the information to be continually refined and expanded.

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