Utah Historical Sites

  • Newhouse - Utah Ghost Towns Located 30 miles west of Milford Utah is the old ghost town of Newhouse. Although this area was inhabited as early as 1870 the town never amounted to much until 1900 when Samuel Newhouse purchased the Cactus Mine. Newhouse had a dream to establish a model city for his miners and their families. The small town consisted of stucco homes, a dancehall, restaurant, and one bar located one mile out of town. In the center of town was a clubhouse. This clubhouse contained a well-stocked library and pool tables. Samuel Newhouse died before the completion of his dream, but his brother Matt Newhouse continued on and completed the town and keep it up and running until 1910, when the oar in the Cactus Mine ran dry. In 1914 the Cactus Mill was tore down and most of the towns people moved away. Today all that remains of Newhouse’s model town are sun-bleached foundations and one old stone house ready to crumble at anytime.
  • Provo Town Square - commercial buildings were the core of the business community which sprang up on the East Side in the 1890s. Most buildings date from that decade.
  • The Brigham Young Academy building opened its doors in 1892. The architect was Don Carlos Young (son of Brigham Young) who based the plans on the designs made by Karl G. Maeser, the Principal of the Academy. One of the largest school buildings in the Rocky Mountain region at the time, the Academy could accommodate 1,000 students.

    The Brigham Young Academy later became Brigham Young University. The bell tower had no bell until 1912. Up until then a triangle hanging in the main hall was struck to signal classes. Unfortunately, the bell install in 1912 was of poor manufacture and had a very dull sound. In 1919 the old Provo Tabernacle was razed and the nickel bell cast by the McShane Bell Foundry in Baltimore in 1887 was installed in the Academy.

    The Academy building is now Provo City Library at Academy Square: In February 1997 a $16 million library bond passed with 58% of the vote. The bond preserved the historic Brigham Young Academy building at 550 North University Avenue owned by the Provo City from demolition. The Brigham Young Academy Foundation raises an additional $5.8 million in donations by June 30, 1997 for renovation. Ground is broken on July 9, 1999 and the dedication occurs on September 8, 2001.