Chile Flag

Flag History

The flag was designed by American Charles Wood, who fought for Chilean independence as an officer in the army of General Jose de San Martin. The design is clearly influenced by the Stars and Stripes. The white star is the guiding star on the path of progress and honor. The blue symbolizes the sky. The white symbolizes the snow of the Andes. The red stands for all the blood shed in the struggle for independence.

Flag Date of Adoption

1 October 1949

Flag Symbolism

Two equal horizontal bands of white (top) and red; there is a blue square the same height as the white band at the hoist-side end of the white band; the square bears a white five-pointed star in the center representing a guide to progress and honor; blue symbolizes the sky, white is for the snow-covered Andes, and red stands for the blood spilled to achieve independence; the design was influenced by the United States flag.

The coat of arms, which has the same colors as the flag, consists of a field divided into two equal parts: the upper part is blue and the lower part is red. In the foreground are a condor, the strongest bird in the Chilean sky, and a huemul, Chile's most distinctive animal. Both animals wear golden naval crowns on their heads, symbolizing Chile's maritime renown.

A crest consisting of three feathers in red, white and blue crowns the coat of arms. Historically, these feathers were what the presidents of the republic placed in their hats to be distinguished. Further down is the motto "By reason or by force"

Chile National Anthem

Listen to National Anthem
Anthem History According to decree 260 of the Chilean Constitution, the fifth verse and the chorus are the only sections of the song played officially as the National Anthem.
Anthem Lyrics Chorus:

Dulce Patria recibe los votos

con que Chile en tus aras juró

que, o la tumba serás de los libres,

o el asilo contra la opresión.

1. Ha cesado, la lucha sangrienta

ya es hermano, el que ayer opresor;

del vasallo borramos la afrenta,

combatiendo en el campo de honor.

El que ayer doblegabase esclavo,

hoy ya libre y triunfante se vé;

Libertad es la herencia del bravo;

la victoria se humilla a su pié.

2. Alza, Chile, sin mancha la frente;

conquistastes tu nombre en la lid;

Siempre noble, constante, valiente

te encontraron, los hijos del Cid.

Que tus libres, tranquilos coronen

a las artes, la industria, la paz

y de triunfos cantares entonen

que amedrenten al déspota audaz.

3. Vuestros nombres valientes soldados,

que habeis sido de Chile el sostén,

nuestros pechos los llevan grabados;

Lo sabrán nuestros hijos también.

Sean ellos el grito de muerte

que lancemos marchando a lidiar

y sonando en la boca del fuerte,

hagan siempre al tirano temblar.

4. Si pretende el cañon extranjero

nuestros pueblos osados invadir,

desnudemos al punto el acero

y sepamos vencer o morir.

Con su sangre el altivo Araucano,

nos legó por herencia el valor,

y no tiembla, la espada en la mano

defendiendo de Chile el honor.

5. Puro Chile es tu cielo azulado,

puras brisas te cruzan también,

y tu campo de flores bordado,

es la copia feliz del Edén.

Majestuosa es la blanca montaña

que te dió por baluarte el Señor

y ese mar que tranquilo te baña,

te promete un futuro esplendor.

6.-Esas galas, oh Patria, esas flores

que tapizan tu suelo feraz,

no las pisen jamás invasores;

con sus sombras, las cubra la paz.

Nuestros pechos serán tu baluarte,

con tu nombre sabremos vencer

o tu noble, glorioso estandarte

nos verá combatiendo, caer.
Anthem Lyrics English Chorus:

Sweet Homeland, receive the vows

That Chile gave you on your altars

That you be either the tomb of the free

Or a refuge from oppression

1. The bloody fight has ceased;

and yesterday's invader is now our brother;

three centuries we washed the affront

fighting in the field of honor.

That who yesterday was a slave

is free and triumphant today;

freedom is the heritage of the brave,

Victory lies shameful to his feet.

2. Rise, Chile, with a spotless forehead;

you conquered your name on the fight;

always noble, constant and courageous

the children of the Cid found you.

May your free calmly crown

the arts, industry and peace,

and may they sing songs of your triumph

to intimidate the daring despot.

3. Your names, brave soldiers

who have been Chile's mainstay,

they are engraved in our chests;

our children will know them as well.

May they be the death cry

that comes out when we march to the fight,

and ringing in the mouth of the strong

they always make the tyrant tremble.

4. If the foreign cannon intends

to invade, daring, our people;

let's draw our arms

and know victory or death.

With its blood the proud Araucanian

inherited its courage to us;

and the sword doesn't tremble in the hand

of that who defends the honor of Chile.

5. How pure, Chile, is your blue sky

And how pure the breezes that blow across you

And your countryside embroidered with flowers

Is a wonderful copy of Eden

How majestic are the snow-covered mountains

That were given to you by God as protection

And the sea that tranquilly bathes your shores

Promises future splendor for you

6. That pride, oh, Homeland!, those flowers

growing on your fertile soil,

may they never be stepped on by invaders;

may your shadow cover them with peace.

Our chests will be your bastion

in your name we will know how to win,

or your noble, glorious emblem

will see us fall in the fight.
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