Argentina Statistics

  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Population: 42,610,981
  • GDP: $746,900,000,000 (USD)
  • Total Area:
    1,073,518 (sq miles)
    2,780,400 (sq kilometers)
  • Currency: Argentine peso (ARS)

Argentina Facts

  • Argentina Facts... When Argentine children lose a baby tooth, they will put it under their pillow at night. During the night, a little mouse called "El... Learn More
  • Eating and Recipes... The evening meal is lighter than the lunchtime meal. Dinner is frequently served later in the evening, even after 9:00 p.m.. Argentines use... Learn More
  • In their Language... Spanish is the official language of Argentina, however many people speak some English. German, French, and Italian are also widely spoken, as are several indigenous... Learn More
  • Family... The responsibility of raising children lies with the mother. Women working outside the home comprise less than thirty percent of the Argentine work force. Men... Learn More
  • Fashion... Most people wear modern fashions, especially in urban areas. Clothing that one finds in Europe or North America is readily available in Argentine... Learn More

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