Malta Statistics

  • Capital: Valletta
  • Population: 411,277
  • GDP: $10,410,000,000 (USD)
  • Total Area:
    122 (sq miles)
    316 (sq kilometers)
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)

Malta Facts

  • Malta Facts... At one time there was a land bridge between Malta and Sicily. Learn More
  • Eating and Recipes... Most families like to eat together. Breakfast and lunch are light meals, with lunch often consisting of a salad or sandwich. Dinner is the main... Learn More
  • In their Language... The Maltese language has a Semitic structure derived from a early form of Arabic. Both Maltese and English are official languages. The written... Learn More
  • Family...

    The man is the head of the family, but women often exercise power in home. For example, women usually control the family budget. Children... Learn More

  • Fashion...

    Style and quality of clothing define social status. The Maltese follow European fashions. People pay attention to hairstyle, and avoid being sloppy or untidy, even... Learn More

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