Iceland Statistics

  • Capital: Reykjavik
  • Population: 315,281
  • GDP: $11,820,000,000 (USD)
  • Total Area:
    39,769 (sq miles)
    103,000 (sq kilometers)
  • Currency: Icelandic krona (ISK)

Iceland Facts

  • Iceland Facts... When a child loses a tooth they put their tooth under their pillow at night and wait for the tooth fairy to come. Learn More
  • Eating and Recipes...

    Fish is very popular as is broiled lundi or puffin, Whale blubber, whale steaks, and seal meat are available from time to time. Because of... Learn More

  • In their Language... Icelandic is part of the North Germanic branches of languages, and so is most closely related to Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and FaroeseIcelandic is based on... Learn More
  • Family... Icelandic people rate family as more important than either their social life, their possessions or their work. The Icelandic people are descendants of Vikings. Vikings... Learn More
  • Fashion...

    Icelanders like to wear clothes from the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. Icelanders consider themselves very stylish people. Because of the cold temperatures... Learn More

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