France Statistics

  • Capital: Paris
  • Population: 65,951,611
  • GDP: $2,253,000,000,000 (USD)
  • Total Area:
    248,573 (sq miles)
    643,801 (sq kilometers)
  • Currency: euro (EUR)

France Facts

  • France Facts... When a child loses a tooth they put their tooth under their pillow. A mouse called La Pettie Souris, will come to take it... Learn More
  • Eating and Recipes...

    Table manners are important. While at the table hands should remain above the table. Elbows should not be placed on the table. When... Learn More

  • In their Language... The French government has emphasized the French language so much that almost everyone in France speaks French (99%), despite the different nationalities represented. Even regional... Learn More
  • Family... Most families are small, with only one or two children. Since a single income is not enough to live on in most cities, it is... Learn More
  • Fashion... The French usually make an effort to dress well and fashionably. French fashions often influence how the rest of the world dresses. Professional... Learn More

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