Families in Argentina

Families in Argentina

The responsibility of raising children lies with the mother. Women working outside the home comprise less than thirty percent of the Argentine work force. Men are often occupied with work, even in the evening. Families are smaller than other countries, with on average just two children. A good education is important to Argentines and families sacrifice to make it possible for their children. Divorce used to be illegal in Argentina Now the family structure is changing and leading to more single-parent households.


Group dating between young men and young women oftens begins at age fifteen. The fifteenth birthday is the girls most important birthday as it marks the end of their childhood. Young couples' favorite activity is dancing. Going to movies or eating at cafés are also popular dating activities.

Traditions: When a Child Loses a Tooth

When Argentine children lose a baby tooth, they will put it under their pillow at night. During the night, a little mouse called "El RatÃn Perez" will come and take the tooth, and leave some coins.

In some areas, children include a letter for "El RatÃn Perez"; it might tell him how they lost the tooth or about their activities or situation at that time in their lives. The mouse will take this letter when he takes the tooth.

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